Company Profile

Foxx is a worldwide brand, founded in US Dallas. It has offices and warehouse logistics bases in Dallas, New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles and Seattle, which can better serve American customers, and we are also expanding to Europe and Asia Pacific.

  • 3 Factories 30000 m2 of intelligent manufacturing factory, first-class quality control system
  • 700 Employees 150 R&D Engineers R&D experiences with Qualcomm, MTK, UNISOC, ASR, RDA chipset platforms
  • Half a million/M 5 SMTs, 15 mobile phone assembly lines.With capacity of half a million per month

Foxx has R&D centers in US(Irvine), Singapore, China(Shenzhen and Chengdu).We are concentrated in 5G technology including baseband, RF layout, SIP integration development and system testing. Foxx also has a comprehensive telecommunication laboratory to provide all-round testing, analysis and support for equipment development. Foxx is dedicated to provide end to end solution of telecommucation electronic devices, smart home equipments and IoT products.

ACP & Lifeline

Frontier Wireless Corporation (FWC) is the exclusive strategic partner of FOXX Company in the U.S. ACP/Lifeline sector. Based in Los Angeles, Frontier Wireless Corporation offers top-tier Fulfillment Service solutions. Through their collaboration, FOXX and FWC are dedicated to providing the American market with the most superior products and services, setting the gold standard in the industry.

  • FWC Hotline310-770-6644

FOXX Group

Foxx Groud has been committed to providing users with comprehensive solutions for communication, storage and energy

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